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Raw and Uncut: Girl, Me Too is the third installment in the Girl, Me Too Anthology Poetry Collection. This compilation takes you on the raw and uncut emotional journey of five vastly different women. Each having her own style of expression leaving you with reactions that may surprise you. The VIP, Shyne, Soul Kitten, Masquerade and One Queen gracefully deliver various components of sentiments that so many women today hide within the depths of their strength, These ladies tackle: the past, the ups and downs of love, motherhood, death, abuse, even sex. Using their pen with the purpose to entertain, educate, inspire and empower everyone these words encounter. At some point, we all must allow those raw and uncut emotions to fly free so we can be free. We invite you to come take this Girl, Me Too voyage with us on a movement that moves us to a new level in life. You’ve been there? Girl, Me Too!

Raw and Uncut Girl, Me Too Anthology Voulme 3

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