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NoNi a fictional novel, is the 4th book written by Vickie Maria Suddeth. Here Vickie takes you on a journey that will leave you rethinking how you think.


NoNi has it all or so she thinks……until her seemingly picturesque marriage to husband Tennyson is shattered by a shocking affair that rocks the very foundation of the church. Desperate to get beyond the hurt of his infidelity and at her whit’s end, NoNi decides that two can play this game. She soon learns that two wrongs don’t make it right and turning the other cheek does not solidify the hurt. Evening the score creates even bigger problems than she ever saw coming. Realizing she’d now become the lying cheater and tired of suffering NoNi finds herself feeling reckless and embarrassed as she braces herself for the news that will leave her enraged. Her options were way too many and the injuries just kept piling up. As NoNi unravels the tangled lies of her husband’s affair, she also looked deep within her soul to confront her own fears as she asked herself: Where Does One Go When They’ve Gone Too Far?

NoNi: No Option, No Injury

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