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Ineluctable Me self-discovery journey journal forces you to look at yourself without the rose colored glasses. Take the time to say what you need to hear. Unveil parts of you that have been buried by life. See the you that hides from the world and love her.

Ineluctable Me Self-Discovery Journey Journal

  • All About You is a poetic masterpiece written by Veraciously Impartial Poet (The VIP). This collection of poetry takes you on a journey of spirituality, love, heartbreak and survival. Each poem comes from real life interactions, that develop resilient strength to continue on no matter what. There is a refreshing honesty that flows through you as you read each line. This work of art is filled with brief letters simply entitled Dear You, drawing you in with short but powerful emotional confessions. All about you allows your mind to take an unapologetic, yet private voyage through your own raw sentiments. Leaving you with a voracious appetite for her passion for poetry.

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